About us


GLASS TECH LIFE is a leading company and a profession heat resistant glass producer in Taiwan that specializes in providing general, custom-made laboratory glassware, a number of borosilicate glass products such kitchen glassware and tea glassware. We manufacture not only our own glass products but also cooperate with other Chinese glass factories to serve customers a variety of demands. We believe when you purchase our products, you can get the highest quality and the lowest cost. Your satisfaction and continuing business are our main goal. We are looking forward to serving you. Thank you for your firm and steadfast support.

Glassware Manufacturer

Glass Tech Life is a leading Glassware Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Laboratory Glassware, Kitchen Glassware and Heat Resistant Glass with superior quality. Our main products include Laboratory Flask, Quartz Glass Tube, Glass Tea Pot, Glass Flume and Glass Cylinder; all can be produced according to customers’ need and with durable quality. OEM service is available for our Glassware Products, such as Heat Resistant Glass Teapot, Measuring Cup and Graduated Flask, etc. If you are searching for high quality Graduated Cylinder, Glass Measuring Cup and Lab Glassware, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products:
‧Laboratory Glassware
‧Graduated Cylinder
‧Tea Glassware
‧Glass Tea Cup
‧Glass Cocktail Cup